Flats at Lake Homes Powai have Vaastu compliancy built right into the project.

There are several reasons why you should book a flat at lake home Powai – for its amenities, quality of construction and the great lifestyle it offers. There is an additional aspects that makes a home in this project a worthwhile buy – its vaastu compliancy.

As the lake homes Powai vaastu consultant and aura specialist Hira Taparia says,

“It just not about the east and west of the property but about the entire aura of the area.”

Taparia adds that the whole area has been so energized that a customer has every reason to be entranced by the property – and once he or she comes here to stay, suddenly, life’s problems seem simpler.

Taparia explains that the aura of the environment and various directions influence a person’s activities and interaction, both at home and at work.

Taparia points out that vaastu is just not about the direction of each flat and then making changes. Such considerations must be incorporated right at the beginning of the project and that’s where the lake homes Powai project is different.

“All properties have energy in them but these have to be balanced so that they can be beneficial,”

remarks Taparia.

The lake homes project has taken all the precautions to ensure that living there can be a satisfying experience – the planning of the building, creating energy by the use of bulbs in certain specific areas, a fountain in the water body, and the height of the fountain, to name just a few.

When creating the fountain in the pond, special emphasis was laid on its height. As Taparia says,

“we are also supplying a regular amount of oxygen into the pond so that the aura is maintained”.

A water body within the complex is an added asset. Plus, at each level of construction some corrections have been made. The specific aura of certain floors has to be balanced and this has been done by inserting gold, silver or copper.

The developers have taken pains to ensure that residents have a vaastu complaint projects. As Taparia adds,

“We have done the acupuncturing of the land so that we can get the right flow of energy”.

If you book a flat at lake homes Powai, you will not even have to consult your vaastu expert; the developers have already done that for you!