What is Cosmic Vastu?

Cosmic vastu means determining the type of energy, either negative or positive, the vastu( buildings and homes) posses and transforming it to positive energy. The Aura, field of energy that surrounds people & other living things reflects the energy of the spirit in the body. Commonly called the etheric field, this energy extends about two to four inches around the body & usually a light or pastel shade. Layering the etheric is the aura which contains every color & shade in the rainbow & usually extends 2-5 inches from the body having total of 49 layers creating a bend of 7X7 layers. Its colors, textures & patterns reveals much information about emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, karmas, environmental and relational states.

Around the nonliving things Aura forms 9 layers of different rainbow colors in different pattern and texture with different shades of those colors, creating a change in every uplifting flow which is as micro level of even 1/8th of an inch. An Aura is like a thumb print, it is completely individual whether of a being (living being) or a non-living substance may be a chair (the pattern, material used i.e. quality of wood used, color etc. & express who you really are in your entire splendor. As has been said already we have to look for the origin of everything to the cosmic colors.

By the help of Auric corrections/measures in the environment, removal of negative aura takes place and thus individual or a group of people working/living in that environment whether a building, an industry, or a work place gets all benefits physical, emotional, mental and wealth wise and grows to the heights of the sky i.e. seeks to the regular growth. There is no other better way to visually experience the beauty & uniqueness in the environmental aura than to see the rainbow of glorious colors that are in one’s Aura. The brilliant colours contained in the Aura vibrate to the purest essence of the essential YOU and reveals yourself in all your magnificence working and living environment.

The only things in my life that compatibly exists with this grand universe are the creative works of the human spirit.
Ansel Adams

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