Importance of Aura Scan and Reading

Aura is nothing but a Bio-energetic field which radiates from all the living beings. Aura Scan is a technique of capturing this energy field which later is used to analyze them. This human energy field is a collection of various magnetic energies of varied densities that seeps through and exudes from every human body. This aura is not visible to everybody except those who are spiritually enhanced and even cameras are available to see aura.

Aura is an alternative science of healing and has become widely popular on the globe to treat severe diseases including cancer. It has been seen that people with weak body or disease vibrates at a lower rate as aura is science of vibrations and electromagnetic waves. People who practice this healing system of aura have been able to make people rid of various diseases ranging from allergies to mental and physical ailments. Even therapists can diagnose a disease just by looking at the waves and colour of the aura emitted from an individual.

What are the benefits?

If a person is unhealthy the colour will change in the aura. The environment, negative thoughts, or if you are wearing some negative jewel/gems then his/her aura gets effected. If a person is sleeping in a geopathic stress zone or there is a negative energy in the room, or if the head is in the wrong direction while sleeping then the aura gets imbalanced. It is necessary to diagnose and detect the root cause of the disease. The scanner can detect a disease before it actually strikes a body. After a complete analysis, one can know what precautions he/she should take.

The aura given out by a person or object is as much a part of them as their flesh.
Lucian Freud

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