In today’s fast moving world we see and observe the lifestyle of people have changed drastically. Stress, pressure, anger, fear and negative attitude of people have reached its limit. What is the solution for this? How can anyone attain mental balance with little investment of time?

Mediation is an ancient gift to mankind, which when mastered can help in clearing the mind and ease many health issues, such as high blood pressure, depression, and anxiety. It also helps in understanding once own mind. We can compare it with the sun, the surface temperature of the sun is 6,000 degree Celsius but it is unable to burn us, because the rays of the sun are not focused on one single thing. Likewise our mind does not focus on our goal or peace. But when the rays are narrowed using a magnifying glass it can burn anything in front of it. Here we can compare meditation to that magnifying glass, this helps in focusing our goals and targets and attain whatever you desire.

At higher levels of this practice people have attained great knowledge of spirituality like the Buddha, Mahaveer and great saints. Some yogi’s are believed to have powers beyond modern technology.

To be successful in this art one needs to make this a formal practice and reserve time at least twice a day. It starts with taking a deep breath stretching the muscles and sitting in a right position. We need to have a purpose too that will make you focus onto something, it will be hard initially but with time you will get hold on it. Yes initially you might feel bit frustrated and uncomfortable but it needs to be taken care first. On a long haul you will feel much comfortable and can personally experience the benefits.