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Life Style

Power Of Meditation

In today’s fast moving world we see and observe the lifestyle of people have changed drastically. Stress, pressure, anger, fear and negative attitude of people have reached its limit. What is the solution for this? How can…

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Aura Comprehensive Study

Aura is an electromagnetic field which envelops every living organism. This human energy field is a collection of various magnetic energies of varies densities that seeps through and exudes from every human body. This aura…

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Reaction Of Water droplets To Words

Water is the mirror of the soul. It has many faces, formed by aligning itself with the consciousness of human being. Perhaps this is what gives water its ability to Reflect.

The video shows the pulsation of the life force and the electromagnetic field around the water drop. AN AURA VIDEO OF A WATER DROP from a glass filled with water, where 20 times I Forgive Everyone was said at the surface of the glass. The video indicates the greater pulsation of the AURA and indicates the positive well formed field around the water drop

Below are the videos that shows different reactions of the water droplet to different words.

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