Aura is an electromagnetic field which envelops every living organism. This human energy field is a collection of various magnetic energies of varies densities that seeps through and exudes from every human body. This aura is not visible to everybody expect those who are spiritually enhanced and even cameras are available to see aura.

Significance of aura

The colour emit by the human body maintains a concernment of its own.

It consists of seven levels or auric bodies that surround human body and each level or body has its frequency.

These auric layers/levels are interconnected that affects a person’s sentiments including behaviour, emotions and feelings and thinking etc.

This aura is oval-shaped and extends upto head to feet.

A science of healing

Aura is an alternative science of healing and has become widely popular on the globe to treat severe diseases including cancer. It has been seen that people with weak body or disease vibrates at a lower rate as aura is science of vibrations and electromagnetic waves.

People who practice this healing system of aura have been able to make people rid of various diseases ranging from allergies to mental and physical ailments.

Even therapists can diagnose a disease just by looking at the waves and colour of the aura emitted from an individual.

Viewing aura

Today everybody wants to know the future and personality traits which mysterious aura reflects. It is believed that infants can see aura of the person in front of them and when the colour of aura doesn’t appeal them they start weeping no matter the how much the person try to woo them.

Very young children up to age group of 5 years can see aura naturally. However today aura can be see with the help of technological gadget known as Kirlian cameras.

The significance of aura colour is important as each hue depicts facets of personality. Each colour emitted by aura has a significance and distinct from each other. Here are some of the auric colours with their significances:

Red colour

Red colour represents the fast and struggling life, fighting for convictions.

Blue colour

Blue colour represents contentment, peace and seeking spirituality.

Green colour

Green colour represents ambitious and persistent to achieve.

White colour

White colour represents traits of boredom. People with white aura may have tendency to get bored easily with everything.

Orange colour

Orange colour signifies communicative trait.

Purple colour

Purple colour signifies a person who is interested in magic and mysticism.

Aura not only reflects the distinctive traits of personalities rather it serves as a barometer of our body that warns us of upcoming troubles and predicaments. Aura consists of different seven layers of vital energy that radiates through us and around us. These seven powerful layers are etheric layer, emotional layer, mental layer, astral layer, etheric template, celestial layer and ketheric layer.

To make your aura strong keep yourself happy and joyful because stress and illnesses may adversely affects the aura by making it weak.