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Auric Vastu Consultant

Dr. Hira Taparia

Dr. Taparia is having expertise in AURA and AURIC COSMIC VASTU. He reads the Auric cosmic flow around the living beings and non-living beings. The Aura of the environment influences the human beings specific life activities with reference to the directions and their interactions particularly at home and at working place.
Dr. Taparia mastered the dexterity of reading Auric cosmic science from Grand Master LUBANG of Tibet in 1961-62 and now he is the master of Auric Cosmic Science.

He was influenced by his master and this initiated in him a desire to master the skill. He practiced under his master for four years. He is the only connoisseur of the Auric cosmic science by which the house or the working place can be synchronized with the individual Aura of a person, without any major changes.
He has been the consultant for many big projects, industries, houses, bungalows and corporate offices across the nation.

Dr. Hira Taparia
Auric Vastu Consultant

Aura and Auric Vastu Pvt Ltd

Most momentous, he is the consultant for the tallest building of the country (India) in 2003, a 45-storied building situated in Mumbai. Dr Hira Taparia’s “ Aura Consultants” is also an ISO 9001:2000 certified company which is only one of its kind in the world providing Auric Cosmic Vastu services.

The Auric energy of the land, building and working place is checked with various equipments and the negative force is removed. And positive energy is induced thus making the person happy and opening new horizon for growth and prosperity.

Dr. Taparia's Achievements

  • Aura-and-Auric-Vastu's-BMQR-Certificate
  • Aura-and-Auric-Vastu-Pvt.-Ltd.-Certificate
  • Viendo-Por-Mexico-Certificate
  • Vedic-Convention-Participation-Certificate
  • Silva-UltraMind-Systems-Certificate
  • Certificate-of-Diploma-of-PIP-Biofield-Imaging
  • Certificate-of-IUMAB-Membership

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