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My son Aaradhya, studying in 7th Std., was very short temptered. He used to lose his temper even for the slightest of the things. For months I was looking for a remedy for this as this was affecting my family too . I got in touch with Dr. Taparia, Auric Consultant. After his consultation, my son’s temper has subsided and normalised. I thank him for the help and would definitely recommend him.

Prashant Nehete

“I did my Aura reading from Dr. Taparia and found all my chakras imbalanced and juggling. Also I would like to mention that the diagnosis made by him regarding my health was exactly as I know how it is and from what I am suffering. He gave sound frequency therapy. I listened to it regularly as per his instructions and as a result of it, after 20 days of listening that sound frequency for 40 minutes a day approx, I rechecked my Aura reading and to my surprise there was amazing change in the results. All my chakras were 85% balanced and I felt more positive and energetic. Also few of my minor health disorders got healed in just 20 days of therapy.”

Sharad Kumar Kochar

Auric Cosmic Science

Aura not only reflects the distinctive traits of personalities, rather it serves as a barometer of our body that warns us of upcoming troubles and predicaments. To make your aura strong, keep yourself happy and joyful because stress and illnesses may adversely affect the aura by making it weak. If you understand this, you will be able to correct your energy and make your family happy.

Auric Influence

He was influenced by his master and this initiated in him a desire to master the skill. He practised under his master for four years. He is the only connoisseur of the Auric cosmic science by which the house or the working place can be synchronized with the individual Aura of a person, without any major changes.

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